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Hanging Paint Rack – Horizontal


Product Description

Need more desk space for your hobby? Look no further! Our hanging paint rack allows you to free up that much needed hobby space by moving your paints from your desk to the wall above it.

Each rack comes with everything you need to hold 54 bottles of paint. Additionally, each shelf has an optional front guard that can be added to keep those paints on the shelves or to keep them from being pulled of the shelves by curious pets, while still allowing plenty of room to remove each bottle.

Fits dropper bottle size standard to:  Vallejo, Warcolours, and Army painter brand dropper bottles.

Each Shelf measures roughly 18″w / 12″h / 1.5″d

Additional Information

Dropper Bottle Style

Fits standard dropper bottle size, standard to Vallejo, Warcolours, Army painter brand dropper bottles.


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